When Street art meets wine!


The result of a selection from exceptional organic plots, this wine is a true expression of the identity of its native terroir.

Hey Jo! is the fruit of a collaboration between men, a blend of wine, ideas and art.

A range of single-varietal wines that faithfully expresses the identity of its terroir of origin.
For the design of our bottle, enthusiasts of ‘new generation’ wines, teamed up with Jofo, the Bordeaux-based artist behind the famous little character with a round head and big eyes.

Despite its falsely naive style,
Hey Jo! rocks Bordeaux wine!

An original creation 

The Artist


(Jean Duplantier)

A Painter – Bordeaux

Freedom, I cherish your name …

The artist JOFO delights in breaking down the boundaries of art and works endlessly on various supports to create a world inspired by childhood imagination. For the last 30 years, Jofo has been painting and drawing stories featuring ‘WHO’ a little round character with a black outline and big surprised eyes. This character has become a familiar hero we can all identify with.  The simple child-like outline, painted in flashy acrylic, reflects the personality of the artist. A painter, cartoonist, illustrator, poster artist, video-maker, author and singer with the rock band SNOC, Jofo has created a unique and total body of cheerful and colourful work, a powerful yet tender blend of art and life.


Urban art

A trained architect, Jofo has retained a taste for observation, composition, linearity and the power and precision of a brush stroke. He is inspired by a love for his urban surroundings; Jofo re-designs his city, colonises and breathes life into it through his heritage series. Drawing on free figuration and urban art, his work evokes these movements through its references and the themes he addresses (the media, rock and roll, love, sex, family, wars and other battles, etc.) His taste for freedom and his boundless creativity have led to a prolific expression in a multitude of forms, both public and private, but always recognisable. While the city represents an ideal playground for the integration of a narrative, playful and communicative art form, for Jofo it also provides a stage to proclaim freedom.  A constantly live wire, the artist draws on the world around him to offer a mischievous reinterpretation which questions, criticises and provokes… Yet in these times, his quest to embellish realities that are sometimes all too sad, is more salutary than ever.